Twitter Experience

Before this class, I did not have a Twitter or Facebook account. Since creating my Twitter account I have gained valuable information on social media and how to make professional connections. Having a social media presence is important to show companies that you have an understanding of the online world. Your presence online is an […]

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Social Media Policies

Social media is so prevalent in today‚Äôs society that companies have had to make social media guidelines for in the office. In my personal opinion, I do not think that social media should be used while at work. This is hard to enforce in all cases and gets tricky depending on the field of occupation. […]

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Speaker Presentation

The speaker in which I attended was the Senior Vice President of Communications for the Milwaukee Bucks. Jake Suski. Jake has a past of working on political campaigns for figures such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and John McCain. Through his work on his political campaigns he learned many valuable lessons. One of these lessons was that […]

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DiGiorno Hashtag Fail

Companies use social media to connect with their customers and to reinforce their relationship. When used correctly. Twitter is a popular platform for engaging with followers and joining in on the trending hashtag. DiGiorno Pizza is an example of a company who should have thought before they tweeted. A hashtag that was trending in September […]

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Writing Is…

Writing is.. an extension of the self Writing can… open the minds of others Writing will… make ideas a reality Writing has… the power to change the world

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